Friday, October 25, 2013

First Chapter Review of Tinsel Town Riff by Shelly Fromme

About Tinsel Town Riff
Tinseltown Riff centers on Ben Prine, a thirty-something Hollywood screenwriter who, on a Labor Day weekend, finds himself in desperate straits. Latching on to a dubious last-minute opportunity, he unwittingly embarks on a collision course with a Montana tracker connected with a Vegas mob; an odyssey which culminates in a showdown on an abandoned Western movie set. 

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First Chapter Summary 

In the opening chapter we are introduced to Ben Prine, a screenwriter in his 30’s who is down and out on his luck of making it as a writer in Hollywood. Faced with the uncertainty of where his new writing gig and paycheck will be coming from and when his big break will happen, he also has to deal with the news that his Aunt June is selling her home. She shares this new with him as she’s running out the door to her next realty appointment. Actually, it’s his home also, where she raised him from the age of three when his mother walked away from him and never looked back. She’s telling him to clear his stuff out and make something of himself.  But, Ben doesn’t have time to think about losing the only home he’s ever know. He has a premonition or a feeling that his luck is about to turn. He can feel it as sure as the Santa Ana winds that are blowing across the valley, the desert winds that without fail arrive every year in September. 

My Thoughts 

This novel immediately intrigued me because it’s set in my hometown of Hollywood and Los Angeles, California. It was evident that the character of Ben Prine was just like all the other wanna be’s in Hollywood, waiting for their big break. I see them all the time on Hollywood Boulevard just hoping to be discovered and it’s even referenced in movies, “Welcome to Hollywood, what’s your dream.” Ben’s dream is to become a writer in Hollywood. Ben’s character is intriguing enough to keep you reading into Chapter Two and beyond. You will feel compelled to find out what Ben feels, where his luck or charm or talent might take him next and you want him to succeed in Hollywood. He’s a good guy who just need a break. 

The author states that there is a love story brewing. Seemingly impossible at first, I grant you. After all, how in the world can a down-and-out screenwriter and a girl driving a clunky Chevy pickup down from Salinas ever meet? Let alone become involved in any way?

I recommend picking up your own copy of Tinseltown Riff by Shelly Frome. I’m sure whatever the Santa Ana winds are blowing in will keep you on the edge of your seat.   


Teddy Rose said...

Thanks for your chapter one review. I'm so glad you are enjoying Tinseltown Riff so far! I can hardly wait to see what you think of the rest of the book.