Friday, December 21, 2007

Will I Ever Get It All Done In Time

OMG! I'm not done with my shopping, and I have so many presents to wrap. Bought the tree today in the pouring rain, couldn't see the stupid trees through the rain drops on my glasses. Did I bother to bring the umbrellas? No, this is California, it never rains in California, it only pours and pours. I felt like a wet dog, with my hair all wet and jacket was soaked by the time we put the tree on the car roof. Now, I think I have a cold from that adventure, Oh, my aching head.

The weather forecast says the sun is supposed to shine tomorrow. It'll be the first time in two days.

More fun planned for tomorrow, decorate the tree, more shopping, maybe grocery shopping - running low on food, even the dogs hate me because they are only getting dry food without the canned food.

And there's only 4 days left. aaaaAh!