Monday, January 28, 2008

To Sexy For My Shirt - SAG Awards in Hollywood

Stars walking the red carpet at the 14th annual Screen Actor Guild Awards were anything but sexy this year, in fact, they were as gloomy as the rainy weather. Actresses walked the red carpet in their frumpy, gauzy gray, matronly, floral print, hot pink ruffles and hot banana yellow dresses and that hideous hot pink bow on Sandra Oh, (televisions Grey’s Anatomy). The un-sexy dresses only got worse with Easter purple, a blue taffeta high school prom dress, glimmering gold and shimmering silver. The men didn’t fair much better, they must have thought that since it was raining tennis shoes would look much better with those Armani suits rather than dress shoes.

As the writers strike still continues in Hollywood, it might seem like Hairstylists had joined in their own strike as hair styles had definitely disappeared for the evening and most of the female stars wore the classic “in-a-hurry” look, straight long shower hair, uncombed and pulled back.

Celebrity couple Brad and Angelina also known as Bradgelina sported the full time parent look with rumpled clothes, uncombed hair and looking like they had just run all the way to the ceremony with their kids chasing them.

Mom’s-to-be Cate Blanchett and The Office’s Angela Kinsely showed off their baby bumps. Blanchett wore a floor length frumpy floral gown that arrived long before the spring flowers and Kinsely wore a short blue dress.

The evening wasn’t all that bad and some stars did manage to dress fashionably. Michelle Pfeiffer at 49 looked stunning in a simple strapless taupe cocktail dress and she cast a ray of sunshine on the event with her gorgeous smile.

The classic Hollywood Red Carpet Couple had no competition as Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane, (Dr. McSteamy on the hit television show, Grey’s Anatomy) wore an Armani suit with his sexy scruffy, mischievous twinkle in his eye and Rebecca wore a stunning red dress by designer Marchesa.

Pictures from the 14th annual Screen Actors Guild Award on January 27, 2008 can be found here,


Anonymous said...

Did I notice a bit of drewl on your chin while talking about mcsteamy??..

Matt said...

Hello. Thanks for checking out my blog. Look forward to reading yours in the future as well.