Sunday, March 2, 2008

Making Friends - Networking

Responses to The Weekly "Y" gets these three blogs a link on Valley Girl and a spotlight of their sites.

Another Average Ordinary American Mom

If anything this blog creator is not your average ordinary mom and should rename her blog to "Supermom". With all the demands on her time raising 4 kids which include a set of twins it's a wonder she even finds time to blog and network with other bloggers. Her blog is filled with interesting stories about raising her kids through trial and error. She includes pictures that chronicle her days as an average ordinary mom. This blog is recommended to all who think they have no extra time in their busy lives. One look at how this mom handles everyday life and you'll find those extra minutes in your day to squeeze in something extra.

World Gallery and Feed flare

collin over at Feed Flare and World Gallery must spend an extraordinary amount of time keeping these sites running. If your new to making money online and network marketing, learing how to market yourself and buidling a website then Feed Flare and World Gallery are the perfect self-help instructional sites. Feed flare is also having there grand opening contest this month where the grand prize is $500.00 cash and there is also over 4700 dollars worth of other great prizes to be won. Head over right away to get your entry in as there is a bonus gift for the first 200 entries into the contest worth $20.00.

An International Artist

Thomas Karkalas is a Lithuanian artist and sells his paintings for sale at Artmajeur International Online Art Gallery
You can find his blog displaying many of his paintings here;


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