Thursday, May 29, 2008

Author Interview with a former Valley Boy, Andrew Feder

"I will always love my city of angels, but the child withing me is the VALLEY". . . Andrew Feder, author of the historical fiction novel, The Heretic.

Valley Girl meets a former Valley Boy, author Andrew Feder as he continues on his virtual book tour. Andrew grew up in the San Fernando Valley in the 1960s and 1970s and he shares with us his memories of the valley, a time when life in the valley was more relaxed and it was still considered a small town. Living in the valley at this time provided an escape from the fast paced life of Hollywood and Los Angeles.

The Heretic Synopsis:

Women flock adoringly to him. Men fear his battlefield prowess. He believes in a monotheistic, infinite God and he’s the best friend of the most powerful man in the world. However, in his time, he was considered not only a hero, but a heretic as well. Meet Aias, the unsung hero behind Alexander the Great, in Andrew Feder’s gripping new novel, “The Heretic.”
“The Heretic” is both a thrilling mystery adventure and a powerful cultural commentary, because though Feder’s fictional war hero Aias’ religious and sexual practices would be typical today, in ancient Greece, where polytheism and homosexuality were the prominent cultural mores, he was considered an outright heretic. This thought-provoking novel whisks readers back in time with an intriguing story of war and romance, but it actually begins set in a futuristic America.
“The Heretic” is the sequel to Feder’s first novel, “When Angels Have Risen” starring post-modern American Senator Jerry Fletcher. Following some bizarre dreams and an unsettling experience at a Los Angeles museum, Fletcher decides to see a psychic and go under a regression to tap into his past lives. Aias’ story is told through Fletcher’s regression, when he experiences his past life as the Greek war hero.
Aias was Alexander the Great’s mentor and friend, and a key ingredient to his famous military successes. Thanks to Aias’ formidable battle tactics, his enemies nicknamed him The Decapitator. After Alexander’s army enters Egypt, Aias falls in love with an Egyptian high priestess, who shares many of his counter-culture viewpoints and opens his eyes to the secret truth behind the Egyptian sciences and discoveries.
Filled with incredible historical details about one of the most illustrious military campaigns in history, sizzling romance and mystical themes, “The Heretic” is a provocative novel sure to spice up the day of any historical fiction fan.

Welcome to Valley Girl Musings, Andrew.

It’s so nice of you to stop at Valley Girl Musings on your virtual book tour. Would you care to share with us your memories of growing up in the San Fernando Valley?

Well I am definitely the “Valley Boy.” Though I was born in Hollywood, I grew up most of my years in Van Nuys and later in Encino. I lived in Van Nuys until I was eleven years old where I lived across the street from Valerio Street Elementary School. During my early days, I was definitely “Andy the Menace” always getting into mischief like filling cars with water. During these fun times much like the TV Show “Wonder Years” I would ride on my sting-ray bike with my friends all over Van Nuys including a ride to Van Nuys Blvd always getting into mischievous acts that boys do. During the spring and summer, I played baseball with friends much like the movie, “Sandlot/” And yes I did own a pair of “PF Flyers.”

Later we moved to Encino. I went Portola JR. High and then Birmingham. We lived just off the “Mayer’s Ranch” where my friends and I often were chased by dogs as we ran across the ranch. Today the “Ranch” that was on White Oak Ave. are now condos.

I played baseball in Little League at the diamonds near Louise Ave and Balboa Park and football both in Pop Warner and Birmingham High at the stadium at Birmingham High. And there were definitely stories at Birmingham High and my years at Portola.

But living in the Valley during these times the sixties and seventies, I must say that I was very lucky. It was definitely a great place to grow up.

Oh did I mention cruising Van Nuys Blvd?

It’s funny because there have been many movies that have reminded me of my years in the Valley. The crushes on girls and the adventures as a young boy living there were very unique that only someone from the Valley could relate to.

I remember when I was just ten my mom would give me fifty cents to see a double feature in the movies and that included popcorn, a soda and some candy or times we develop the skateboard by taking metal roller-skates placing them on scrap of plywood and skateboard on the sidewalk.

In my teens, hell we invented the word – “partying.”

I could and will definitely write a novel validating my experiences as a child and teen growing up in the best place to grow-up in the 60s and 70s – THE SAN FERNANDO VALLEY!

Andrew, thanks for sharing your memories and I wish you success on the rest of your virtual book tour.

Thank you Rebecca, it was a pleasure.

You can find Andrew at his home page

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