Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Thirteen Things To Hate About Living in Los Angeles

People living in and around the valley and Los Angeles have a love/hate relationship with where they live. If you ask them why they feel this way they’re sure to give you a different answer each time. Here are Thirteen reasons to dislike living in L.A.

Freeway traffic - Ah! The morning commute, bumper to bumper traffic, car accidents, speeders, tailgaters, freeway debris, disabled cars blocking the lane, carpool lanes that are moving slower than the other lanes. It’s all in a morning drive.

The neglected yard next door to your maintained and trimmed yard

Living so close to Hollywood it’s easy to recognize a lot of the streets and background scenes used in television and movies.

Just because we live close to Hollywood all of our relatives living in another state think we live next to Hollywood celebrities and talk over the backyard wall.

What happens if you participate in a contest and the grand prize is airfare and hotel to Hollywood, California to visit the stars? Since we already live here will the contest judges fly us somewhere else, maybe Disney world in Florida?

High Speed Camera’s – when you run the run light say cheese it’s your two minutes of fame. That camera just took your picture of you face and your license plate and you’ll be receiving some fan mail in the form of a hefty traffic ticket.

No matter how we try to disguise it L.A. is still a desert and the temperatures in July, August and September are uncomfortable and unbearable.

No-one makes eye contact with the next person. We keep to ourselves and rarely think of extending a morning greeting to the person next to us, of course, when you do you’ll usually get asked to give someone money.

We set the standard that bigger is better from our SUV’s, our box stores and those 7,000 sq. ft. home sticking out of the hillsides

Our Mayor’s Pet name given to the people of Los Angeles - “Angelino’s”

Those darn skinny people that have made it acceptable to be a size zero

L.A. drivers view the posted speed limit as something to be challenged and exceeded

Sunshine everyday makes you feel like going to the beach instead of work


Michele said...

Good list. Yep, I can't go a day without hearing someone discuss the traffic. That's why I try to work at home whenever I can.

And the beach!! Though it's a quick drive over the hill, it might as well be in Ohio considering how I often I get to enjoy it.