Thursday, September 25, 2008

Book Chat in conversation with Author Angus Munro

The Real Hollywood’s Book Chat is talking with Angus Munro, author of the memoir, A Full House - But Empty (iUniverse). He is on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion and has graciously stopped by here today to share his story. We will find out who is his favorite actress and actor and how Dr. McDreamy of Grey's Anatomy actorPatrick Dempsey fits in with his book.

About the Author:
Angus Munro has roots that run deep. His farming ancestors came from Scotland in 1830 and his relatives still reside on the same farmlands in Southern Ontario, Canada. His grandfather left Ontario and took his family to Saskatchewan in 1905 and became a prosperous wheat farmer. When Angus' father married, the grandfather leased other farmlands to get his son established. Angus' father lost the total proceeds of his first wheat crop in a wild poker game at the local grain elevator. The grandfather was none too happy and decided to relocate to Vancouver, B.C.

The Depression deepened and sadly Angus' grandfather passed away - leaving his entire estate to his second son. Angus' father traveled to see his brother to seek financial assistance and received nothing. He returned to Vancouver unexpectedly one evening and found his wife in bed with someone else. Thus, his father became a single parent to three children - Laura 6, Angus 3, and Marjorie and infant. The following day, Angus became very ill with appendicitis and spent seven weeks in the Vancouver General Hospital. The author vividly covers his early childhood years and living with another family - similar circumstances, a father with five children, coping with the Depression and, thereafter, addressing their dual basic family needs.

Angus' new memoir, A Full House - But Empty, is the gripping story of young Angus' life growing up in the Depression years based on the positive lessons he had learned from his father during their somewhat traumatic and hectic years together.

If you would like to find out more about Angus and his new book, visit here.

About the Book:
Filled with anecdotes, lessons learned, and an inspirational message for everyone who believes that hard work breeds success, this moving autobiography shares the remarkable story of Angus Munro.

Munro is just three when he suffers from appendicitis and spends several weeks in a Vancouver hospital as his family struggles to survive the Great Depression. After finally arriving home, Munro asks his sister, "Where is Mummy?" and is promptly told his mother doesn't live there anymore. It is this traumatic event that changes the course of Munro's life forever. His father is suddenly a single parent while simultaneously turning into Munro's mentor and hero. He teaches Munro the motto, "Always do the right thing," while raising his children in an environment that is at the very least hectic, and more often completely chaotic.

Through a potpourri of chronological and heartfelt tales, Munro reveals how he learned to view incidents in life in terms of responsibility, recognition, personal conduct, and consideration of others. Despite dropping out of school at a young age, Munro perseveres, eventually attaining professional success.

Munro's memoir is a wonderful tribute to his father's legacy and the greatest lesson of all - whatever you do, follow through.

Hi, Angus:

Welcome to The Real Hollywood,

Thank you for inviting me to this interview regarding my book.

VGM: If your book were sold for movie rights which actor/actress would you want to play the main character?

I am an old movie buff. And all of the great old movie stars were having a field day, gainfully employed at all of the major movie studios, such as, MGM, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios and many others, while I was growing up. Drawing from those days, in terms of look-a-likes, I was told that I looked very much like a young Gordon MacRae, actor and singer and my ex-wife was a young dead ringer for actress, Jane Wyman. Contemporarily, in terms of identification, I think Patrick Dempsey is a fine actor.

VGM: Who would you want to play the supporting characters?

I assume this would be the appropriate time to sadly, but candidly state, that my story would not be conducive to being made into a movie. Sorry about that! It is strictly print media. However, my childhood years could fictitiously be made into one – adding an ultimate plot. By the way, that has been suggested. However, I have no creative talent to write a fictionalized story.

VGM: Who is your favorite actor and/or actress?

Today, I like English actress, Helen Mirren and actor, Tom Hanks. I believe they are both extremely talented with wide and/or broad ranges.

VGM: Is there a movie you could watch over and over again?

The oldies, The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara is one of my all time favorites. Alexander’s Ragtime Band with Alice Faye, Tyrone Power and Don Ameche another. The musical, Chicago is a work of art. And the Mobsters, another favorite – I love gangster movies, the Bonnie and Clyde era and the Mafia characters and their individual & aggregate stories.

VGM: Who is your favorite author? What books have you read by this author?

Bob Thomas. My favorite is Thalberg – which I have a signed copy in my home library. I also have his books on Marlon Brando, Joan Crawford, and movie mogul, Harry Cohn.

VGM: What is next on the horizon for you?

Mentally formulating another book based on my experiences, impressions, etc. Actually, I am also toying with the idea of collaborating for a movie, about the movie industry. However, between you and me, I don’t want to 'leak out' my ideas regarding the latter.

VGM: Where can my readers find your website?

Great question - and welcome:

I thank you for sharing your book with Valley Girl Musings and I wish you continued success on your virtual book tour.

This has been a joyful experience for me. I am also fully enjoying my virtual book tour with my leader, Dorothy Thompson, Pump Up Your Book Promotion Virtual Book Tours.

Final thought: When discussing movies - I look back to the wonderful enjoyment of growing up and going to the movies every Saturday afternoon at a neighbor theater. And each theater was always at a walk-able distance. In my youthful years we had movies and radio that was it! Each week it was a very exciting event to attend the afternoon matinee at our local theater. It was a very important part of our culture. All good wishes, to you and your audience.

Angus Munro

A FULL HOUSE BUT EMPTY VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR '08 will officially begin on September 2, '08 and end on September 26, '08. You can visit Angus' tour stops at in September to find out more about him and his new book!
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