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Her Godmother - Author Interview - Cate Cavanaugh

Yesterday at The Real Hollywood Book Chat we posted an excerpt from a fantasy children’s novel, Her Godmother (Star Publish, Nov. ’07). Joining us today is author Cate Cavanaugh, and she shares with us some of her favorite authors and actors include.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cate is a published author, GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT, as well as a syndicated columnist in the spiritual and metaphysical genres. In addition she is a published print columnist in New York and was political commentator for WJFF radio in New York and podcast commentator for. Her work also appears in a number of new age publications including but not limited to Self Growth, Lightsource, E Spirit, Grannymoon, Witch's Voice and Pagazine. She also writes for Circle of Stars a New Age ezine and is an eclectic Witch.

Book blurb: Allie is experiencing a family breakup. Her father is an alcoholic and her mother decides to leave him. Allie stays with her godmother Brigid, who lives in rural upstate New York, while her mother plans a new life and relocation for them both. Allie is having a wonderful time until one night, when awakened by a thunderstorm, she peeks out of her window to see her godmother dancing on the lawn in the rain. What Allie is about to discover is that Brigid is rather "colorful" or should we say...

Hi Cate
Welcome to The Real Hollywood,

Hello and blessings to you!

RH: If your book were sold for movie rights which actor/actress would you want to play the main character?

CC: Allie is a little girl and I am not familiar with the newest of child actors but if she were the age (or could play it), I feel Dakota Fanning would make a great Allie. As for Brigid, Allie's godmother, Cate Blanchett would be a good pick as she can play anyone!

RH: Who would you want to play the supporting characters?

CC: Well, the supporting characters are a cat and a dog They might need to be CGI to capture the personalities they both have in the book.

RH: Who is your favorite actor and/or actress?

CC: My favorite actors are Morgan Freeman and Armand Assante, an actor who has been much overlooked. My favorite actresses are Angelina Jolie and Queen Latifa

RH: Is there a movie you could watch over and over again?

CC: I have many! The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, American Gangster and, with Halloween (Samhain for Pagans) coming up I always watch Monster Squad and The Lost Boys as a holiday ritual so to speak.

RH: Who is your favorite author?

CC: My favorite author has to be J.H. Lawrence.

RH: What books have you read by this author?

CC: Sons and Lovers, Women In Love, Lady Chatterly's Lover

RH: What is next on the horizon for you?

CC: I am looking to launch a media career based on my nonfiction work which is in the metaphysical/spiritual and self helps genres. I am widely read on the web and was a widely read politcal columnist in New York but feel the stronger connection to my spiritual path and what it can offer to others. My work can be read on numerous ezines, including

RH: Where can my readers find your website? I have three websites:, and

I thank you being sharing your book with The Real Hollywood and I wish you continued success on your virtual book tour.

I really appreciate your giving me the opportunity to speak with you! Blessings to you and your readers!


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