Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Truth - Author Interview - Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

The Real Hollywood Book Chat interviews Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, author of the tween/teen fiction novel, The Truth (I'm A Girl, I'm Smart and I Know Everything)(Enchanted Self Press, Jan, '08), on her third virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion!

As a Positive Psychologist, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein Looks at The Truth (I'm a girl, I'm smart and I know everything).

Dr. Barbara it is our pleasure to have you here at The Real Hollywood Book Chat.

Thank you for having me,

Would you tell us how you came up with the idea for your book?

Dr. Barbara: One day I began to think, how can I write a book that will just spark everyone? If you are a woman, it will make you want to dance with yourself and with your inner 10-year-old and you will want to make her a part of yourself again, And you will want to let the fire in your belly come alive and have fun. If you are a mom, then you will see your child in a different and profound light. You will fall in love with the wisdom and the talents that lurk within in. Her struggles will make more sense and she will annoy you less. If you are a kid or a tween, you will feel a connection to the fictional girl; you will feel understood because she is like you and she thinks about many of the things you think about. She even makes promises to herself, things she will never do when she grows up. And probably you make promises yourself—like promising to never have silly fights or talking behind someone's back or throwing litter.

As the 'girl' began to come alive, I felt a diary was the best voice for her. I guess she thought so too, because basically she took over and formulated her own book. Not only did she share her frustrations and her triumphs, the highs and lows of her first crush, but she managed to solve a wonderful little mystery about how she would successfully grow up. The solution was so simplistic, yet so endearing. I can’t give it away because I want you to read the book.

Yes, the girl sees so much and knows so much. And didn't we all at 10 or 11? And wouldn't it be great to hold on to the energy and confidence that goes with that stage of life, so that we all can live lives of integrity and keep our promises? As the girl says, “I'll travel a lot. I won't look away when my kids ask me tough questions. I'll answer truthfully. I won't swear. I won't get into silly fights with my husband. I'll have fun with my kids and laugh a lot. I'll remember ME! And that’s the truth."

When we come home to the ‘truth’ for ourselves then we are happy, we have purpose, our lives have meaning. As a positive psychologist I know that striving to live true to ourselves is not trivial. It is essential for feeling complete and whole. Read and enjoy The Truth (I'm a girl, I'm smart and I know everything) and remember when you are finished to do your self a favor and be sure to come home to yourself.

RH: With the emergence of the Disney Channel in the last few years and the subjects they cover in the more adult, teen nick shows, along with making everything more exaggerated than it is how is a parent able to protect their children from these influences when they have invaded the air waves?

Dr. Barbara: I don't think the Disney Channel creates a situation that hasn't already existed. Parents need to be aware of what their kids watch on TV and always monitor the choices. I'm a great believer in as little TV as possible, not only because of the nature of some of the shows not being appropriate for kids, but because kids need to be active and busy, not sitting in front of a TV screen. The amount of childhood obesity should be indicative enough that we as a nation have to get our children up and moving. Mentally also, it is better to be in an active mode with one's mind, rather than in a receptive mode. So, my bottom line advice to parents is make sure you approve of what your child is watching. Make clear time limits on TV use. And lastly, sit down and watch as many shows as possible as you can with your child. If you think the show is silly or a waste, don't presume that it is valuable for your child.

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Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein said...

Dear Rebecca, Thanks so much for having me on your site. I loved talking about The Truth (I'm a girl, I'm smart and I know everything) and commenting on watching television. Thanks for having me. Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein