Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rose Parade Highlights from 2009

Never was there a more likely pair, but the Southern California sunshine and the Pasadena Rose parade. Californian's love their sunshine and the radiant flowers on the floats are even more vibrant in the rays of the sun.

Whether seen on television or in person the parade is as historical as the gold mines of California. This year marked the 120th trip down Colorado Blvd for the five and a half mile parade route and was watched by millions of parade visitors and broadcast worldwide. Once again the familiar vice of Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks narrated the parade and provided interesting historical details. Edwards was missing from the narration of the parade in 2008 and had been replaced by a younger female narrator. This year however, Edwards was once again in the grandstand, brought back by popular demand.

Hats of to Entertainment in books, movies and music was this year's theme. However, there was a theme hidden within the theme and it was the Walk Down Memory Lane. The floats dedicated to that walk down memory lane included the golden oldie days of the 1970's and the short lived Disco music, the Hollywood sign float with the Griffith Observatory behind the sign, the float that contained the movie theater A LEX Theatre that opened in 1925 showing the markee sign that announced the acclaimed movie National Velvet starring Elizabeth Taylor. Hollywood's own band, the Riverside City College Marching Band put on the grand finale at the parade. This was the fourth time the band has participated in the Rose Parade and this time they made the grand finale.


Dorothy Thompson said...

Okay now you've really gone and done it. I want to go back to Cali so bad! Great post, Becky!

Theresa Chaze, Wiccan Writer said...

California would be a good place to visit and telecommute to work to, but I don't think I'd want to live there. But the parade sounds like a good time.

Becky this is a good post.

Morgan Mandel said...

I like the photo with the women in their red gowns. Beautiful.
Sounds like it was a lot of fun. I've never been to the Rose Parade.

Morgan Mandel