Monday, March 16, 2009

Hollywood Trivia Interview with F.M. Meredith, author of No Sanctuary

How would you convince seven shipwrecked individuals on a deserted island to buy your book? If Rhett Butler, one of the characters from Gone With the Wind were to change his famous line from “Frankly, My Dear I don’t give a damn” to Frankly, My Dear I think you should read this paragraph from this bestselling novelist. What paragraph do you think he is referring to? Find out all this and more today when The Real Hollywood Book Chat welcomes author F.M. Meredith, author of No Sanctuary, a murder mystery novel.

First on the scene of a traffic accident that turns out to be murder, Officer Stacey Wilbur calls Detective Doug Milligan. Despite her former vow to never date anyone on the Rocky Bluff P.D., she and Milligan are romantically involved. Finding time to be alone together isn’t easy.

The murder victim is the wife of a popular Rocky Bluff minister, and several suspects immediately come to the forefront, the minister himself, his nosy secretary, the choir director, and a nerdy stalker. Stacey helps Doug with the murder investigation, but the Chief asks her to go undercover as a prostitute to expose a pedophile which leads to a surprising job offer.

Stacey must make two major decisions that will change her life forever, and a third that nearly causes her to lose her life.


Welcome to The Real Hollywood Book Chat Marilyn,

I can tell right away this is going to be an exciting game of Hollywood Trivia. Let's get started with question number one.

1. Gilligan’s Island Trivia – Taking a three hour boat tour, you find yourself shipwrecked on this tiny little remote island where 7 people were also shipwrecked. How would you convince this varied audience to read your book? Remember on this island besides The Skipper, his little buddy Gilligan and MaryAnn, is the smart Professor, the rich Mr.& Mrs. Howell who have the money to make your book into a movie and Ginger the movie star who might have a starring role.

F.M: Despite the fact that this is a beautiful tropical island, Skipper, aren’t you getting just a wee bit bored? I happen to have just the thing to give you a few hours of entertainment, my crime novel, No Sanctuary. You’ll meet the men and one woman who serve on the Rocky Bluff Police Department and their families and see how the job affects the family and what’s going on with the family affects the job.

Rocky Bluff is a small beach community which you might want to compare with your own beach. Mary Ann, you might be particularly interested in the interplay between the characters and most especially Officer Stacey Wilbur and Detective Doug Milligan. Gilligan, I suspect you might relate to the well-meaning but bumbling Gordon Butler.
Mr. and Mrs. Howell, should you ever get off this island perhaps you’d consider financing a movie based on this book. Police procedurals and mysteries are popular and No Sanctuary has a different slant on this genre. Lastly, Ginger, since you have acting ability, you might enjoy using your talents to play Officer Stacey Wilbur who must make several decisions, one which might cost her life.

2. Wheel of Fortune – you have been asked by the Wheel of Fortune writers to create a word puzzle spelling one of the books characters his/her name. Which character name would you want on the Wheel of Fortune puzzle board and why?

F.M.: Officer Stacey Wilbur since she is the most pivotal character in No Sanctuary.

3. Gone With the Wind – If Rhett Butler were to change his famous line from “Frankly, My Dear I don’t give a damn” to Frankly, My Dear I think you should read this paragraph from this bestselling novelist. What paragraph is Rhett referring to? Tell us how it fits into the novel?

F.M.: It never failed. No sooner had he put his head down on the pillow when the phone rang summoning him to a suspicious death. No one ever seemed to die under questionable circumstances in the day time. Rather than an annoyance, the call charged his adrenalin--and since it came from Stacey, he was eager to go.

This is in the beginning of the novel, and Officer Stacey Wilbur called Detective Doug Milligan to report a suspicious death. Though Stacey had a rule to never date anyone who worked on the Rocky Bluff P.D., the mutual attraction between her and Doug caused her to forget her vow.

4. Hollywood Book Walk of Fame – A bookstore in Hollywood, California had decided that books should have their own walk of fame. So they have lined the sidewalk in front of their store with book molds in the sidewalk. Your name is to appear on one of these book molds. You give an acceptance speech at the ceremony. What would you say and who would you thank?

F.M.: I am thrilled that you’ve chosen No Sanctuary as one of the books to appear on the walk of fame. I want to thank you for this wonderful honor.

I’d also like to thank my son-in-law, Officer Mike Cole, who is no longer with us. If it hadn’t been for him I would never have begun my fascination with law enforcement. He took me on my first ride-along and spent many hours telling me about his adventures as an Oxnard police officer. I’d also like to thank the other law enforcement officers who let me ride along and watch them work. And of course, I must thank everyone who has read books in my Rocky Bluff P.D. series and enjoyed them. Most of all, I must thank my husband who allows me to spend so much time with the people who live and work in Rocky Bluff.

Thank you, F. M. Meredith a.k.a. Marilyn Meredith, for stopping by The Real Hollywood blog today. I wish you continued success on your virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion and who knows your book might just make it to the silver screen.


Cheryl said...

I love these trivia interviews.

Marilyn, you picked a great paragraph from the book. Doug is one of my favorite characters and meeting him like this, at night, after he's just gone to bed, and acknowledging that he is happy to get up and go because it means seeing Stacey, really shows how much his character has grown since "Smell of Death". But also, it shows that even after all he's seen, he is still just a normal guy like the rest of them.


F. M. Meredith, author said...

Rebecca, I just got home from a book selling experience at Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard (the place that was the inspiration for my Rocky Bluff P.D. series). While on the road I tried to use my Blackberry to thank you for hosting me today but obviously it didn't take.

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you having me here today.


Morgan Mandel said...

I can't imagine being stuck on an island with no books to read, no computer, no TV! I go crazy just on the train ride to work if I don't have a book to read or my computer to write with. I always bring my computer and books with on vacation. Maybe I'm obsessed.

Morgan Mandel

Anonymous said...

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