Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - F.M. Meredith Author of No Sanctuary Highlights 13 Character Traits

No Sanctuary is about two churches, two ministers and a murder. Officer Stacey Wilbur helps Detective Doug Milligan in the investigation of the case, but also finds herself involved in the attempt to trap a pedophile, and has to make several decisions, one that jeopardizes her life.

Thirteen Good Qualities about Stacey Wilbur by F.M. Meredith

1. Though small of stature, Officer Stacey Wilbur has learned to use her intelligence to defuse volatile situations. She has earned the respect of her fellow police officers.

2. As a police officer, she often has to make quick decisions—usually they are the right ones, but sometimes she finds herself in a situation that will take all of her abilities to figure out an escape route.

3. She’s a good mother and always puts her son Davey’s welfare first. Because she lives with her parents, she has built-in babysitters she can trust. It is important to her to spend quality time with Davey, something that isn’t always that easy because of her job.

4. Though she once made a vow not to date anyone on the Rocky Bluff P.D., her attraction to Detective Doug Milligan caused her to break the vow. Despite a very real interest in Doug, the romance is developing slowly because she wants to be sure this will be right for her and for Davey.

5. Stacey loves her parents. She’s grateful to them for taking her and her son in when her first husband died and left her with a small child. She enjoys being with them and is thankful for all their support.

6. A member of the same church as her parents, Rocky Bluff Community Church, Stacey tries to attend as often as possible—not as much as she’d like because of her job. Fortunately, her parents see that Davey gets to Sunday School as Stacey believes it’s important for her son to have a religious background.

7. Stacey has empathy for those who have been hurt by crime, making her a caring police officer. It is also the reason she often has to be the one to deliver bad news to relatives of victims.

8. Stacey is kind. When Officer Gordon Butler had an obvious crush on her, Stacey continued to be nice to him and tried to let him down easy. She also overlooks Butler’s bumbling actions.

9. Brave, Stacey moves in when needed—though sometimes it would’ve been better if she’d waited for back-up.

10. Never vain, Stacey wears her honey colored hair in a simple short-cropped style and the only make-up, a little mascara and blush when she happens to think about it—though always when she goes out on a date with Doug.

11. She is always ready for a challenge. As a police officer, she has taken on many jobs that have been far beyond the job description of a patrol officer. Because she’s the only female officer on Rocky Bluff P.D., she has been given opportunities her male counterparts couldn’t qualify for.

12. She has learned it’s always better to live day-to-day since planning for the future seldom turns out the way she hoped for or thought it would. Though she does love Doug, she isn’t thinking ahead to a marriage and happy life together, but rather just enjoying the hours they manage to be together.

13. Stacey knows what’s important: to provide a good life for her son, to protect him and love him with all her heart, to cherish the time she has with him and her parents, to do her very best while on the job, and to thank God for all her blessings.

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F. M. Meredith, author said...

Thank you for letting me hang out once again. This has been really fun!


Cheryl said...

"2. As a police officer, she often has to make quick decisions—usually they are the right ones, but sometimes she finds herself in a situation that will take all of her abilities to figure out an escape route."

This is such a good one. Seems she was in one of those situations in this latest book too. Hmmm....

Jean Henry Mead said...

Your book is on my to-read list, Marilyn. It sounds like a great read.

Diary of Murder

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