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The Real Hollywood Trivia Interview with Author Brett Battles, author of Shadow of Bertrayal

How would you convince seven shipwrecked individuals on a deserted island to read your book? If you were asked to give a speech on the Hollywood Book Walk of Fame who would you thank and why? What character name would you want on the Wheel of Fortune puzzle board? Find out all this and more today when The Real Hollywood’s Book chat welcomes author Bret Battles author of the suspense novel, Shadow of Betrayal.

Book Synopsis:
The meeting place was carefully chosen: an abandoned church in rural Ireland just after dark. For Jonathan Quinn—a freelance operative and professional “cleaner”—the job was only to observe. If his cleanup skills were needed, it would mean things had gone horribly wrong. But an assassin hidden in a tree assured just that. And suddenly Quinn had four dead bodies to dispose of and one astounding clue—to a mystery that is about to spin wildly out of control.

The Real Hollywood Trivia Questions Interview

1. Gilligan’s Island Trivia – Taking a three hour boat tour, you find yourself shipwrecked on this tiny little remote island where 7 people were also shipwrecked. How would you convince this varied audience to read your book? Remember on this island besides The Skipper, his little buddy Gilligan and MaryAnn, is the smart Professor, the rich Mr.& Mrs. Howell who have the money to make your book into a movie and Ginger the movie star who might have a starring role. Please talk to the audience not to me.

Everyone settled? Got your coconut milk and palm leaf soup? Great. So I couldn’t help overhearing several of you talking about how bored you’re getting. Hey, I get it. There isn’t exactly a movie theater or amusement park on the other side of the island. So we’re stuck here, watching Gilligan screw up the professor’s convoluted attempts to get us rescued, while Ginger tries to get noticed, the Howells’ attempt to convince MaryAnn to be their maid, and the captain just tries to not fall out of his bunk.

So I got this idea, just a little diversion. I was thinking you all might like to read a book. See, I’ve got seven copies right here. It’s called SHADOW OF BETRAYAL by some guy named Brett Battles.

Yeah, I know. Weird that he and I have the same name, but let’s not dwell on that right now.

This book has a little something for all of you. For you MaryAnn, I know you like a good romance. You’re going to love the relationship between Jonathan Quinn and his girlfriend and partner Orlando. They work seamlessly together, but never forget which the other means to them. And Mr. and Mrs. Howell, you’re going to love the fact that Quinn is not unfamiliar with flying first class or traveling to interesting places. Ginger, you love Los Angeles. Movies stars, the beach, beautiful people. Quinn loves L.A., too. That’s why he lives in a house above Hollywood in the hills. Professor, what can I say? There are gadgets and devices that will keep you entertained, and I’ll bet that when you’re done, you’re going to try to make some of them yourself. Captain and Gilligan, Quinn has an apprentice named Nate. Reading how they work together might give you ideas about how you two could work together best.

But for all of you, you’ll enjoy the adventures, the chases, the puzzles that Quinn must solve. It’s quite a ride, and it’s guaranteed to break up the boredom!

So, what do you say?

2. Wheel of Fortune – you have been asked by the Wheel of Fortune writers to create a word puzzle spelling one of the books characters his/her name. Which character name would you want on the Wheel of Fortune puzzle board and why?

I think I would have to say Jonathan Quinn, because it’s the longest, and he’s the center of every book in the series.

3. Hollywood Book Walk of Fame – A bookstore in Hollywood, California had decided that books should have their own walk of fame. So they have lined the sidewalk in front of their store with book molds in the sidewalk. Your name is to appear on one of these book molds. You give an acceptance speech at the ceremony. What would you say and who would you thank?

“Thank you, Awesome Hollywood Bookstore. I am humbled, and honored. I’d ask for a review of your decision, but I’m afraid you’d uncover your mistake and kick me out from behind this podium. Any kind of recognition that I receive is really something I share with many, many people. Writing a book is truly a collaborative effort, and I would be nowhere if it weren’t for my longtime editor and friend, Danielle Perez. I see her there, standing in the back of the crowd, making sure I don’t say anything stupid. (smile) I also need to thank publisher Nita Taublib and the rest of the Bantam Dell team. I am also very thankful for the support and friendship of authors Tasha Alexander, Robert Gregory Browne, Bill Cameron, Sean Chercover, John Gilstrap, John Ramsey Miller, and so many others that I know I’m doing a disservice by not naming them all. Early in my career I was lucky to have been mentored by the late, talented William Relling, Jr. Without him, none of this would have ever happened.

My greatest teachers, though, were the authors whose books I read over the years, and from whom I learned more than I could possibly imagine. Alistair MacLean, Robert Heinlein, James White, Frank Herbert, Robert Ludlum, Graham Greene, Stephen King, and, again, so many others.

None of this would have been worth doing if it weren’t for my children. They have made life worth more than I could have ever expected.

But my most special thanks is for you, the fans of reading. Whether it’s my book or someone else’s, don’t ever stop. And pass the love along.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Thank you Brett for stopping by The Real Hollywood blog today. I wish you continued success on your virtual book tour and who knows your book might just make it to the silver screen.

Bio:Brett Battles lives in Los Angeles and is the author of two acclaimed novels in the Jonathan Quinn series: The Cleaner, which was nominated for a Barry Award for Best Thriller and a Shamus Award for Best First Novel, and The Deceived, which was nominated for a Barry Award for Best Thriller. He is at work on the fourth book in the series.

You can visit Brett Battles

Shadow of Betrayal Book Synopsis Part 2
Three jobs, no questions. That was the deal Quinn had struck with his client at the Office. Unfortunately for him, Ireland was just the first. Now Quinn, along with his colleague and girlfriend—the lethal Orlando—has a new assignment touched off by the killings in Ireland. Their quarry is a U.N. aide worker named Marion Dupuis who has suddenly disappeared from her assignment in war-torn Africa. When Quinn finally catches a glimpse of her, she quickly flees, frantic and scared. And not alone.
For Quinn the assignment has now changed. Find Marion Dupuis, and the child she is protecting, and keep them from harm. If it were only that easy.
Soon Quinn and Orlando find themselves in a bunker in the California hills, where Quinn will unearth a horrifying plot that is about to reach stage critical for a gathering of world leaders—and an act of terror more cunning, and more insidious, than anyone can guess.
Fast, smart, sleek, and stunning, Shadow of Betrayal is vintage Brett Battles: a gritty, gripping masterpiece of suspense, a thriller that makes the pulse pound—and stirs the heart as well.


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This sounds like a great book. I can't wait to get to it in my TBR pile.

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