Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From the Mouth of the Politicians and other Hollywood Fun Moments

I’m Too Sexy for My Shirt - New York's Congressman Andrew Weiner isn’t even a Hollywood actor and yet he’s got more dirt on himself than any Hollywood actor in the spotlight, except maybe Arnold.  More and more women have come forward about receiving lewd photos and text message from him. Sure seems like his career as a politician might be over, but maybe, he’s hoping for the cover of Men’s Fitness.  If you really want to read more it’s here at Yahoo News.

Paul Revere Rides with a New Message for the British – the Americans are Coming! Whenever Sarah Palin opens her mouth she supplies the television show Saturday Night Live and all comedians with their next routines. It seems what most American learned in their 5th grade class was incorrect. 

According to Sarah Palin in recent news on her One Nation Bus Tour, Paul Revere did not ride for the Americans. Palin says he rode to warn the British of the Americans coming for them. Is Palin really smarter than a 5th grader? What will she come up with next? See the video of her sticking her foot in her mouth at the Washington Post.

Getting Down with Drew Carey over at E’s blog  
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