Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paul Michael Glaser Promotes New Fantasy Book at Los Angeles Times Book Festival

It's not very often someone writes about me in book promotion, but this blogger said it best. Did Paul Michael Glaser attend the L.A. Times Book Festival? Yes.

"Writer, Blogger and PR and online book tour coordinator Rebecca Camarena met Paul Michael Glaser yesterday at the Los Angeles Book Times Festival. Camarena now calls the former 'Starsky and Hutch' star 'now a best selling fantasy author' and said that she had lots of fun meeting and talking with him. We're not sure if she will plan the virtual online books tours of PMG -- but we know she's one of the best in THAT business."

Order Chrystallia here at Amazon 

Read more of the article here at David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser (the unofficial celebration Site)


April said...

How very cool!!! This looks like a great book as well. Love the cover!

Betty Henson said...

ohhh.. great website...learned about it from pmg's and this is very informative indeed. interesting..

Kristine said...

Great, saw this at pmg's site. Wish the book would be out soon!