Tuesday, June 21, 2011

She’s So California – Miss California Crowned Miss USA

Beauty Queen Crown
OMG! – a local San Fernando Valley girl from Sherman Oaks, CA, representing California is crowned Miss USA 2011. 

People may think Southern California girls who live in the shadow of Hollywood are all about having maids, and living in castles on the hill.  Really, we don’t all live like Paris Hilton carrying little dogs around in our purse without a care in the world or a thought in our head. We are just hard-working girls with a generous spirit and independence that leads us to get out there and do for ourselves rather than waiting on the hired help.

Alysa Campanella, age 21, proved how much she is a local valley girl. She may have been crowned Miss USA and walked down a red carpet, but she drove herself to the event from the Valley to Las Vegas, a five hour drive. where the event was held at Planet Hollywood. Arriving at the event she drove past the valet parking and chose self-parking. 

This song/video from country music sensation Gary Allen says it all. "She's So California."