Thursday, September 8, 2011

Book Spotlight - Just a Few Seconds, A Story from the Hidden World of Music and Beyond

Before you read the book, take a moment to go to the website and listen to this musicians music clips, visit his youtube channel and see the artist at work. Nemo's passion for his music is evident as is his storytelling in his memoir Just a Few Seconds, A Story From the Hidden World of Music and Beyond. 

Just A Few Seconds is a story of one man’s experience in the music business. It is an amusing and true story of a successful freelance musician whose gigs ranged from private parties to the very rich and famous to the roughest London pubs where playing the wrong song at the wrong time meant the difference between life and death. He takes more twists, turns and knocks than a mouse trapped in a pinball machine but the ending shows how the road to success can lead us down the strangest of paths. . . If you are looking for the usual rock star memoirs full of sex drugs and rock and roll then this book is not for you, but if you are interested in a unique insight into the music business that reads like a thriller then this book won’t disappoint.

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Born and based in England, Nemo James worked as a professional musician and singer/songwriter for more than 30 years. He now lives in Croatia with his wife Federika and their cat Jutko who is becoming intolerable following his rise to fame on Youtube.

Visit Nemo James at his website

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Read What Reviewers Have To Say 

I am not an avid reader of autobiographies but every now and again there is one that comes along and takes you by surprise, one that you don’t expect to be as good a read as it is. One such book is Just A Few Seconds. Thoroughly recommended and a pleasure to read
Anthony Lund, Allbooks Review

A riveting read. A tantalizing cocktail of pathos, drama, suspense, philosophy and humour.
Barrie Tracey – Received Lifetime Achievement Award for services to journalism from NAPA 2009

He is an engaging story teller, and his writing skillfully blends humor and pathos. I Loved the book
Joseph Yurt,

I was entertained from the very first page up to the last sentence.  I truly enjoyed this book
Valentina, Carabosse’s Library

I just finished reading your book and I must tell you how much I have enjoyed it to the point that I felt sorry I was done with it. I really love your sense of humor.
Guillermo Bettocchi   PHD – United Nations High Commissioner

“His writing is intelligent, reflecting a deep desire to express his experiences. And his ability to bring to life the daily living of a struggling musician is utterly captivating.”
Norm Goldman –

Captivating. Written with an ironic and witty sense of humor. highly recommend.
Douglas R. Cobb –


terri.forehand said...

This sounds like a book about an interesting and productive life in music and other pursuits. Thanks for sharing about this author, I was unfamiliar with his work.


Cheryl said...

I visited the author's website and watched his new video. Wow! It's great. Lovely music.

Dorothy said...

I have to agree with Cheryl...that video is awesome!

Rebecca Camarena said...

Thank you everyone for all your comments.

V.R. Leavitt said...

Great music!! Would definitely like to check out his book too.