Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Duggar Family Expecting Twentieth Child

The Duggar Family

 Last week our nation marked the birth of the 7 millionth child. It seems the Duggar family wants to ensure that the world makes it to 8 million births.  The Duggar’s will welcome their 20th child next spring. Obviously, they did not have enough of a life-threatening scare when their last child was born premature at 25 weeks in December 2009. This is the family star of their own television show that examines their growing family.

I am all for loving families and very glad they are responsible parents, but when does this become too many kids and a terrible abuse to the mother. Mrs. Duggar is now in a high risk pregnancy and will likely have a “C” section for this birth; that might just end her baby making days since those surgeries are not worth repeating.

Do you think this family should stop having children? 

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