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Author Braxton Cosby Gives Thanks to Uncle Bill Cosby for Inspiration

By Braxton Cosby
Thank you for hosting me on this interview with Hollywood Daze. I want to share with you some of things that inspired me to write The Star-Crossed Saga: Protostar and what it has been like being one of the “Cosby Kids” growing up. 

Well, first of all I must give all the credit to God for the vision he bestowed upon me with Protostar. I got the inspiration one Sunday during a church service. My Bishop was preaching and said that God was speaking to him and said there was someone that He wanted to do a great work in but that nobody was asking for the vision. I immediately began to pray and ask God is He wanted me to do anything for Him. Once I was finished, I heard a voice tell me to write a book. I laughed at the idea at first because I’ve been through three college degrees and never once thought of writing, much less creating an original story. 

As I began to have a conversation with God, I asked Him what I should write about and He told me to create a series that entails Science Fiction (which I love) and also Romance. I started to sketch out the plot right there in church. I went home that night and started o research exactly how this “publishing thing” worked. I was overwhelmed by the process and somewhat discouraged, but I continued to hear a voice tell me to “just finish the book”. So I did. 

Three months later, I was staring at a 99,000 word transcription and wondering what to do with it. I submitted query letters to multiple agents and finally directly submitted the first five chapters to a local publisher here in Atlanta name Firefly Publishing and Entertainment. They liked it, offered me a contract and the rest is history.

Protostar has been book an amazing testimony for me and a blessing for many others aspiring to do great things. I’m so grateful to be used by God in this process and it is only the beginning. I’m currently working on another series separate from The Star-Crossed Saga while Protostar continues to gain momentum. 

On the flip side, my uncle Bill has been such a motivating force in my life. It’s crazy growing up as a youngster and seeing your relative on television, winning awards and inspiring so many people to achieve their goals. His commitment to learning and dedication to education has helped encouraged me to strive for better things than just the hand that life deals you. I have always had to deal with the question of “Are you related to Bill Cosby?” when people see my last name and half the time I just say no. Especially since most people don’t believe you anyway. I think that I would’ve had a hard time believing someone as well, so I don’t blame them one bit. Now, all of his service and words of wisdom have come full circle and we are currently planning co-book signings on his book tours for my first novel and his new release: I Didn’t Ask to Be Born: (But I’m Glad I Was). Everyone, please keep your eyes open for dates in 2012. The first two are planned for Harlem, NY and Durham, NC this month. Please check my website at for details. Thank you.


About Braxton A. Cosby

Braxton A. Cosby is a dreamer with a vision of continuously evolving and maximizing the untapped potential of the human spirit. Braxton received a lot of his inspiration from watching the accomplishments and exploits of his famous uncle, comedic legend Bill Cosby. A physical therapist by background, Braxton received his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate from the University of Miami. Braxton’s fascination of science grew into an obsession of Sci-fi and on one unassuming Sunday, this self-proclaimed romantic decided to pursue a “calling” to create a new genre of writing; Sci-Fance- mixing science fiction and romance. Braxton lives in Georgia with his wife and two children. He believes that everyone should pursue joy that surpasses understanding and live each day as if it were the last.
His latest book is the young adult science fiction novel, The Star-Crossed Saga: Protostar.
You can visit his website at or connect with him on Twitter at or Facebook at


About The Star-Crossed Saga: Protostar

It Starts With Choice! What would you choose: love or irrefutable duty?
On the brink of Civil War, the Torrian Alliance continues with its mission to obliterate Star-children across the universe in order to suppress an intergalactic evil. Following the recommendations of his Council, King Gregorio Derry has agreed to send his only son on a mission to restore honor to his family. Bounty Hunter Prince William Derry has crossed thousands of light-years to planet Earth, in order to fulfill this age old prophetic practice. The quiet days of Madisonburg, Tennessee are officially over as Sydney Elaine now knows the full meaning of the phrase Be careful what you wish for when she is confronted by this strange visitor. As an unforeseeable event delays his assassination, William decides to study his target more closely and begins to form a connection with Sydney that challenges his inner being. But this conflict is the least of his problems, as a conspiracy back on his home planet Fabricius threatens the lives of those he loves and his father s royal legacy. Along with that, he must unravel a hidden menace here on Earth that seeks to secure a vested interest that threatens both his and Sydney s safety. Will William be able to complete his mission or will he choose love, sacrificing everything he stands for?


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