Tuesday, November 27, 2007

10 Things to Know About the Griffith Observatory

Here’s my pick for an afternoon of fun with the family that won’t have you reaching into your children’s college fund.

10 Things to Know About the Griffith Observatory;

  1. Admission is FREE. If you visit the food café or the gift shop it can be costly.
  2. Recently renovated the observatory showcases more displays on science, and space.
  3. The parking situation is not so great. There is a small lot outside of the observatory, but other than that there is free parking along the hillside. You will be walking up a hill to enter the observatory, so wear some walking shoes.
  4. The Observatory came very close to being burned down in the fire of October, 2007
    and the charred hillsides are still evident of how close the fire came.
  5. There are picnic areas and trails that provide an afternoon of fun. Dogs are welcome
    on the trail, but must be leashed.
  6. The observatory sits on the southern slope of Mount Hollywood and the land mark HOLLYWOOD sign and view of the L.A. basin is visible from the terrace of the observatory.
  7. A feature attraction is to see how much you weigh on other planets. You might be
    pleasantly surprised by how little you weigh on the Moon, Mercury, Mars and others.
  8. If you’re in the science room you can have your picture taken with a bronze statue of Albert Einstein.
  9. The view of the neighboring towns below the observatory is breathtaking. On a clear day one might be able to see to the ocean.
  10. As dusk settles the lights come on from the L.A. basin below and as darkness descends the
    view is absolutely amazing, truly a city bathed in lights.

Some Historical Facts about California Observatories • Observatory builders looked to the western states to find places with good observing weather in the 1800’s.

  • California was the perfect spot. It had coastal mountain ranges rising into dry air blowing off the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean. These conditions combine to provide the calmest air in the country.
  • Griffith Observatory is 1,050 ft above sea level, opened in 1935

  • Other Observatories in California include;
  • Mt. Wilson Observatory, established December, 1904 in the San Gabriel Mountains of
    Southern California
  • Lick Observatory, opened June, 1888, in San Jose County
  • Palomar Observatory, opened November, 1949, in Northern San Diego County


dejah thoris said...

I was at Griffith last week; great place to visit! Go there often!