Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dancing With the Stars Finale

Picking a Dancing with the Stars winner wasn't about fame, or favorites, it came down to the underdog who learned how to dance, gave 110 percent at every dance and worked to win over the crowd in the end. I believe that the Final Dance competition on Monday night, November 26th, is what propelled Helio into winning form. Had Mel and Max and Marie and Jonathon danced something other than those disappointing final dances the competition might have crowned a different winner.

The Dancing with the Stars is done for another season with the rightful winners It's over! finally! For the last ten weeks my entire household have sat on the edge of their seats with each elimination. Some eliminations were fair, others were shocking. I haven't felt this much of a building climax in a television series since all those years ago when television audiences everywhere watched and waited to see who shot J.R. Ewing on the popular television series, Dallas.

~Valley Girl~


Carrie Smith said...

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Cat Muldoon said...

A series with substance! I love that. So much fantasy is all action and no true "meat."

I hope you have fabulous sales and a fabulous tour!

Cat Muldoon
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