Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Mothers Network

Long before parents bought kids cell phones to keep track of them during the day, our mothers knew what we were up to without ever leaving the house. How did they know when we were up to no good? Did they have eyes in the back of their heads or were they actually following us throughout the day? But, we never saw them following us because we thought we were always covering our tracks. By the time we sauntered in for dinner acting cool like nothing had happened dinner was already on the table.

All mothers had this inquisitve way of unveiling our evil deed even though, a few minutes earlier we thought we had the upper hand and had successfully pulled it off. As soon as mother spoke we began to shrink in her presence. Her inquisition usually started with "Well, did you kids have fun running through the Mrs. Palmer's garden and cutting off all her rose blooms? Just what were you thinking? Did you think I wouldn't find out? You know it wasn't like I was born yesterday. I know what you're up to even before you do it."

We were left stunned and the realization that we had been caught red handed settled upon us. "But, but, how did you know?" we stuttered in unison. We were usually sent to bed after a lot of chores and those chores continued for days.

Years later we discovered that mother had it in for us the minute we left the house. She would get on the phone and call the network of other mothers in the neighborhood and have them report back to her if they saw that we were up to no good.

~Valley Girl~