Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nobody Writes in Los Angeles

As the writers strike continues the Veterans Building in the North East San Fernando Valley has become a ghost town. It used to be a bustle of activity in the morning with the filming of the many television shows that use these grounds. Television stars trailers are delivered right after the first rays of sun become visible in the east part of the valley. A few hours later crews are busy with setting up food tents for the people involved in the days filming. On the streets yellow signs with black arrows and the name of the show are always posted on nearby light poles. Some days the signs have a code name for the television show and at other times the code name is forgotten and the name of the television show is on the sign. It totally makes for an interesting drive in the morning.

~Valley Girl~


Dorothy said...

It's so sad, isn't it? And I can imagine all of them are dying to get back to work, too. Sad.