Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ten Tips That Will Keep You From Being an Annoying Driver

L. A. drivers are notorious for driving too fast, cutting other drivers off and breaking all sorts of traffic laws. It is a wonder that many of us make it home each night in evening traffic without getting seriously injured. Here are some helpful hints to make driving safer for all of us.

When you’re in bumper to bumper traffic don’t honk your horn. It doesn’t make anyone go any faster. It just makes us feel like punching you.

The only thing that results from tailgating the driver in front of you is that you will become their trunk ornament if they slam on their brakes.

When the light turns yellow don’t speed up to go through it.

Did you ever stop to consider that not every driver likes your kind of music? We certainly don’t want to have my car rocked by the vibrations coming from your car. Do us all a favor and turn the damn radio down.

If there is a posted speed limit stay at the speed limit. You can be very annoying when you’re going 10 miles per hour slower than the legal speed.

Only on Sunday are you allowed to be a slow driver.

It’s the law - If it’s raining, turn on your headlights along with your windshield wipers.

Don’t block the intersections where there is cross traffic just because you don’t want anyone to get in front of you.

Pay attention to the road and don’t apply makeup, shave, or talk on the cell phone when you’re behind the wheel.

Don’t drive with the dog on your lap and hanging out the driver’s window no matter how much you love the animal.


Tanya said...

And it dosn't matter what time of day, morning, night that you are driving on an LA freeway, because it will be rush hour, just deal with it, lol!!