Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Weekly "Y" - it's a crazy world!

On the local, national or community level do you often find yourself asking “Why” to some of the most serious offenses, utterly ridiculous moments and the simple stupidity of the world around us? Valley Girl will list them here and hope you’ll join me.

If you leave a “Y” question in the comment, I will post it in the next set of The Weekly “Y” and give you credit with a link to your blog.

Y is it that Cal Trans fills pot holes during rush hour traffic?

Y is it that the city of L.A. wants to pass the cost of fixing sidewalks to the homeowners?

Y is it that after all the smog checks required on cars, Los Angeles Unified School District buses are exempt from this law and continue to spew out some of the dirtiest fumes?

Y is it that on a piece of land normally designed for one or two houses now builders are allowed to cram in 6 houses.

Y is it that when you’re speeding up to go through the yellow light, the car in front of you decides to not go through it?

Y is it that the day after you finally give in and wash that dirty car it rains?

Y is it that people being chased in these long televised car chases think they get away from the police and the police helicopter with the spotlight shining down on them?


Tomas Karkalas said...

"Why" was the main reason I have started the blogging. And it wasn't in vain indeed. I meet you.
There still are people who appreciate simple Hi more than the imposing numbers of stats counters - wow, it even hard to trust, but I am not dreaming - I am writing to you.
You are hearty welcomed to my blogs. I hope you will have a good day with my artwork (meditation in color) and your feedback will make my day too.
Thank you.

Y is when you awake but find himself talking in a foreign language... I live in Lithuania where no one of my friends knows a word in English. I dare to hope you will excuse my grammar mistakes. Thank you.

Tanya said...

I have an answer to the Y question on the yellow light. The person who stops at a yellow light is from Missouri. Seriously. I am from San Diego, learned to drive in San Diego and we all know that yellow means HURRY. Moved to Missouri and they think it means to STOP. I almost rear ended countless Missourians. Now I'm in Georgia and it's about 50/50, although there are alot of transplants here so that must explain it! By the way, love your blog title. My nick name in high school was Val=Valley Girl..I'm an 80's girl, now that tune will be stuck in my head all day long!

Collin - Feed Flare said...

Y is it that the US can't move past the "Bush" "Clinton" names for running there country, have they not hurt it enough.