Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Unravel The Mystery Of Saving Cents at the Pump

Ten Tips To Unravel the Mystery of Saving Cents at the Pump

Saving pennies on a gallon of gas is becoming harder due to factors both in the economy and the local landscape. Missing from the landscape in the valley is the site of multiple corner gas stations competing for your business that was so common in years past. There are no sales offering gas rebates, special sales prices that hold steady for a certain number of days like there are with grocery store flyers. If saving cents at the pump has become the latest mystery then applying some sleuthing skills might have you saving cents the next time you have to pump it.

1. Shopping for lower gas prices should start before your gas tanks empty light comes on.

2. Never get gas on Friday or Monday

3. Never get gas close near a freeway on-ramp as the station will always have higher prices.

4. Prices start to go up before a holiday. Fill your tank Tuesday or Wednesday before the holiday.

5. Ideal Days during the week are Tuesday or Wednesday since prices start to increase closer to the weekend.

6. Fill up in the morning as stations typically raise prices in mid to late afternoon.

7. Listen to the radio as some stations include in their broadcasts the lowest gallon of gas and their locations.

8. Look for corners with multiple gas stations competing with each other. (hard to find, but there are still a few left)

9. Fill your tank is at the half-way point between full and empty.

10. Avoid fees - pay for gas with cash or where there is no fee for using an Atm or credit card

Keep your eyes on the prices and the road and maybe you can save a few pennies the next time you need to pump it.

Safe Driving