Monday, March 10, 2008

The Britney Law

It was written to protect her and other high profile celebrities. It was written because of her and the harrassment she receives. If it becomes a law it will remain on the law books in Hollywood history, long after Britney Spears has sung her final note.

It's the Britney Law, proposed by Los Angeles Councilman Dennis Zine and this law would provide a 20 yard "personal safety bubble" around high profile celebrities to protect them from the packs of paparazzi who continually pursue them. After Britneys escapade on Jan 31 to the U.C.L.A. psychiatric ward, it took 20 police officers a helicopter and a team of intervetion specialists to guide her through the streets at the cost of $12,000. The motorcade which was a football field in length still got stuck in the middle of the swarming media.

The paparazzi are such a nuisance in L.A. trailing the stars that they might as well be considered stalkers. Wherever Britney goes the paparazzi are sure to follow breaking all kinds of traffic laws in an effort to keep tabs on her. One might think that imposing this law would improve things and why hasn't it been done before.

Is law enforcement really incapable of protecting the stars from the media?

Does imposing a law telling the paparazzi to stay away at 20 yards really going to keep them away?

Why can't law enforcement communicate that to the media?

How does this law interfere with Freedom of the Press?

Why haven't the stars started using their own body guards to better protect themselves from the harrassing paparazzi?

why should Britney or any other high profile star be escorted using tax payers dollars? Yes, it's the responsibilty of the police to keep the streets safe, but shouldn't the high profile stars using the forces of the city's police officers pay the bill. These people are pulling the police officers away from crimes that could have serious consequences.


Tanya said...

The paparazzi are lamos! They should foot the bill of the po-po's that are needed to escort the celebrity somewhere. Ugh, I can't stand paparazzi!