Saturday, March 8, 2008

Waste of Daylight

7 Things To Know About Daylight Saving Time

Why waste all the morning daylight when you can move it to the evening hours? Taking an extra hour of daylight from the morning and putting it in the evening hours is really what Daylight Savings Time is all about. This Sunday is the annual setting the clocks ahead. Of course, it also means that you lose one hour of sleep. Although, in California it doesn't seem to matter that we're sleep deprived as we love our long days of sunlight especially on the weekends when we can be outdoors.

Here's seven things to know about Daylight Saving Time.

It is known as Daylight Saving Time not the plural Daylight Savings Time?

DST was first started in the 1975 to save money on electricity.

2008 marks the first year that it begins during the first weekend in March rather than the third weekend in April.

Are the officials really concerned about us saving electricity or hoping that you will spend money? When you are not at home you have the lights turned off. However, if you are outside of the house there is good chance that you spending money somewhere helping to enrich the economy.

Local farmers take an entire month to move their dairy cows milking routine forward one hour. Each week they hold off milking the cows an extra 15 minutes.

The idea for DST was first introduced by Benjamin Franklin in 1784.

The time change at 2:00a.m. on Sunday was actually introduced by the British Parliament after World War I. However, some people will tell you that the time change set at 2:00 a.m. to allow them to take full advantage of the local bars as they remain open till then.

Have a great Sunday and don't lose any sleep over this.