Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Britney Spears Fights the Forces of the Dark Knight

The shocking court news came last week that Brittany awarded sole custody of her kids to Kevin Federline or K-Fed as he was nicknamed by the media. Wasn’t K-Fed the bum that Britney kicked out of her house, because he wasn’t working, his singing career was really going nowhere and she wasn’t satisfied with him as a husband or as a father? How is it that K-Fed can be awarded sole custody of his kids, Jayden James and Sean Preston with Britney getting only visitation rights?

Britney Spears was America’s pop music singing sensation less than five years ago and her downfall started as soon when she married Kevin Federline. The marriage was a disaster from the beginning and sent her on a downward spiral. Even though she’s been trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and career she also fights against the evil forces of her own Dark Knight. Through her own actions she became a danger to herself, her kids and her singing career and the result is the battle she must fight with K-Fed to win her kids back. Britney became her own worst enemy and single handedly fueled “The Britney Economy.” Businesses showed a profit where she visited. The paparazzi stalked her every move, her photo graced the front covers of magazines. She was on the cover of People Magazine in excess of 40 times. Britney Spears in her downfall period probably became more of a household name, than she ever was before. Even this blog, Valley Girl Musings, added to “The Britney Economy” with the different posts written about her. Can Britney turn back the clock of time and recapture what she used to be?

When Britney started divorce proceedings she ended up on the losing end and was ordered to pay K-Fed, some astronomical monthly support figure. K-Fed got temporary custody of the kids after she refused to give the kids back at the end of one of her visits. She had locked herself in the bathroom refusing to come out and this started the procession to take her to the psych ward at the U.C.L. A. hospital. At this point every move she made whether good or bad had the paparazzi chasing her. The lawmakers even went so far as writing a new law and naming it after her, “The Britney Law”

After a second hospital stay and losing custody of her children and a court appointed conservatorship was granted to her father to monitor her affairs, Britney seemed to get better. She cleaned house by clearing out those people who had managed to take advantage of her. She stopped her late night Paparazzi attention-getters and started wearing underwear. She learned to stay at home and out of the spotlight and less was heard in the news of her until she was involved in a fender bender at night and even that was pushed to the fourth page of the paper. Her father suggested that she keep herself busy and so she went everyday to a dance studio in the city of North Hollywood and taught girls how to dance. Much like our nations slumping economy there seemed to be a “Britney Recession” on the horizon.

The custody battle seems to be temporarily over with the announcement of Britney giving sole custody to K-Fed; just who is Britney’s attorney and why did this play out like it did? Was Britney promised that if she gave up custody that she would get more visits with them? It may not matter what Britney does in the future because the court system and the America public seem to have a bias against her because of her past and her celebrity status. The American public puts celebrities on a pedestal and when they fall from grace, it all becomes front page news and its there for all to criticize. Will Britney ever have more of an advantage than the Dark Knight?


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Who'd be a celebraty eh! the truoble they go through.