Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hollywood Trivia and Fun Facts - Celebrity Baby Names

Welcome to the Malibu, California, - 27 mile of scenic beauty. Country music stars and husband and wife, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are the latest celebrity couple to have purchased a home in Malibu.

Room for one More: Move over L.A. there’s always room for one more and with 1.8 million people living in the San Fernando Valley we haven’t fallen into the ocean yet.

Cash on the Barrel: Now here’s a term we should all try living with. In the days before credit cards it simply meant that if you buy it, you pay cash for it at the time of purchase.

Saving money at the pump: With the rising cost of gas prices donating your gas guzzler SUV or Truck to charity is now the best way to avoid the high prices at the pump.

Baby names: Actress Nicole Kidman and Country Music Singer Keith Urban welcomed a baby girl into the world this last Sunday. Her name, Sunday Rose is still receiving criticism. Lighten up people maybe Dad might write a country music song with her name in it, maybe, it will sound like other country songs, Tammy Wynette’s song, “Delta Dawn,” What’s that flower you’ve got on? How about Marie Osmond and her hit song Paper Roses?

Speak up! What’s that you said? People say we talk funny in the Valley with our slang and shortening our words and our Valley Girl Talk. “Fur sur man.” But, here are a few phrases that you’ll never hear from us.
“My internet connection is slower than molasses traveling uphill in January?”
“Got a hitch in my get a long”
“Land sakes alive, It don’t seem possible”

Hollywood comes to the Valley: The Lone Ranger Television Series in the 1950’s was filmed in the hills above Chatsworth where Topanga Canyon turns into the 118 freeway. If you listen closely you might hear his voice in the wind. “Hi, ho, Silver, away.”

~Valley Girl~