Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hollywood Screaming Movie Quiz

Hollywood Celebrates Halloween

Hollywood Screaming Quiz
Can you match the name of the movie with the characters name?

The Movie:
1. Carrie
2. The Shining
3. Poltergeist
4. Halloween
5. Psycho
6. A Nightmare on Elm Street
7. The Excorcist

Characters names;
a. Regan
b. Freddie Kurger
c. John “Jack” Daniel Torrance
d. Carrie White
e. Jason Voorhees
f. Norman Bates, The Bates Motel
g. Carol Anne

Answers are at the bottom of the post.

Day and Date of Halloween

2007: Thursday, October 31
2008: Friday, October 31
2009: Saturday, October 31
2010: Sunday, October 31
2011: Monday, October 31
2012: Wednesday, October 31

Halloween is also known as;

Day of the Dead
All Hallows Eve
All Souls Day
All Hallowtide

Common misspellings of the Halloween Name

Answers to Hollywood Screaming Movie Quiz

1. Carrie = (d) Carrie White
2. the Shining = ( c) John “Jack” Daniel Torrance
3. Poltergeist = (g) Carol Anne
4. Halloween = (e) Jason Voorhees
5. Psych = (f) Norman Bates, The Bates Motel
6. A Nightmare on Elm Street = (b) Freddie Kruger
7. The Excorcist = (a) Regan

Thanks for playing!