Monday, October 20, 2008

Kill 4 Me - Author Interview - Joel M. Andre

The Real Hollywood’s Book Chat features for the second time this month horror fiction author Joel M. Andre. If you happened to catch the Kill 4 Me chapter 1 excerpt it opened our month with the theme of Hollywood Screaming. Here’s the link for those who didn’t get a chance to read it. Book Chat caught up with Joel in the middle of his virtual book tour with
Pump Up Your Book Promotion and he graciously agreed to grant us an interview. When we asked Joel how he came up with the idea for his novel, he had this to say, “I was working the graveyard shift at a former company when I received a text message. At that time I began to think how interesting it might be to be haunted through a cell phone. Anyone can grab a phone and text at random. It was an interesting form to explore if someone could be driven mad through it.

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Kill 4 Me, a technological thriller set in rural America. The story follows Casey Dwyer, a small town girl who becomes caught in a spirit’s unrelenting quest for vengeance after she receives a cryptic and seemingly harmless text message. Kill 4 Me is a supernatural thriller that explores how technology can be used to torture others through the lens of a horror novel.

Hi Joel M. Andre- Welcome to The Real Hollywood

JMA: Thank you for having me. I must admit, I have secretly kept up with some of the interviews you have done in the past. I enjoy your site.

If your book were sold for movie rights which actor/actress would you want to play the main character?
JMA: Great question. If I had a chance to choose the lead actress, Casey Dwyer would be played by Amanda Stanton.

Who would you want to play the supporting characters?
JMA: Chelsea Handler would have to be in my movie! I would have it written in the contract, the woman is fantastic I watch her show Chelsea Lately on E! Every week night. I would prefer relatively new talent fill the remainder of the movie, sometimes having too many stars can side track from an actual film. I would also find Bruce Willis a part.

Who are your favorite actor and/or actress?
JMA: Bruce Willis is my favorite actor. Sarah Michelle Gellar is my favorite actress.

Is there a movie you could watch over and over again?

JMA: You know what, I watch Halloween (John Carpenter) several times a year. Another favorite of mine is the black and white version of The Haunting.

Who is your favorite author? What books have you read by this author?
JMA: Stephen King helped me through many years of formal education. Well, at least his book ‘The Stand’ did. I have read all his books, but ’It’ and ‘The Stand’ are ones I still read often. That’s right, it’s all his fault for some of my grades in school.

What is next on the horizon for you?
JMA: I have several books in the pipeline. The Price of Blood will be out shortly. It is a sequel to my book ‘A Death at the North Pole.’

Where can my readers find your website?
JMA: Well since you asked, is my main website. You can also check out some of my other works at

I thank you being sharing your book with The Real Hollywood’s Book Chat and I wish you continued success on your virtual book tour.

JMA: Thank you for allowing me the time to spend with you on The Real Hollywood. If I may, I ask everyone take the time to support the reading and writing of our youth. Find something that sparks their interests, and makes them want to embrace the written word.

KILL 4 ME VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR ’08 will officially began on October 1 and will end on October 30. You can visit Joel’s blog stops at in October to find out more about his book!