Sunday, February 1, 2009

Movie Review - Marley and Me

The latest family movie Marley & Me is a humorous story of a man and his dog and the changes that happen through one’s life whether you want them to or not. The movie portrays John Grogan starting his job as a reporter at a small town Florida newspaper. Grogan’s dream is to be a first rate national reporter and he envies his friend who is given the assignments that take him around the world, while he reports locally on the small news items. Grogan shares the spotlight with his wife who is a feature writer for the same newspaper and hoping his big break will come at any moment he wants to delay starting a family.

Grogan buys Marley as a present for his wife’s birthday in order to quiet her requests to start a family. From the beginning there isn’t anything that Marley can’t resist eating, even the drywall in the garage. Grogan has a chance to fills in as a columnist even though he still has high hopes of being a national reporter. He writes about Marley’s antics and becomes a favorite columnist to his readers, eventually expanding to a daily column, which doubles his salary, but he still continues to envy the dream reporters job. His family now includes two sons and shortly afterwards his third child, a girl is born.

Grobin’s children grow up as Marely gets older and then the spirit of adventure catches Grobin. He moves his family to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he finally gets his dream job of being a reporter, but discovers that he likes the freedom of writing a column better than the straight news article.

Marley and Me is a movie for all audiences. It is delightfully entertaining, but just as sad as it is funny. The underlying message is that people can end up chasing a life long dream they thought was right for them, but really the dream that was right for them was right there in front of them all the time, they just had to learn to appreciate it.