Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl 43 - The Game or the Commercials

Do you watch the super bowl for the football game or the commercials? The appeal of the super bowl to me has always been the half time celebration and the commercials. I’m not interested in the game, don’t understand it and can usually find other things to do. This year I came in from doing yardwork to catch “The Boss” Bruce Springstein singing at halftime. While I didn’t stick around once halftime was finished I did manage to catch the last hour of the game. At this point Pittsburgh had gotten a little cocky and thought they would take the game, but Arizona jumped ahead by 3 points to be in the lead. It was some clever footwork that pulled Pittsburgh into the lead and to win the 2009 game by four points.

The best year of the commercials was when the dot com companies were at their best in the industry in the 1990’s. Those were some of the funniest commercials and since then the commercials haven’t really been all that much. The commercial that I like best today was the one about MaGruber and his latest invention. Were you a fan of the original MacGyver television series? Did you see him, Dean Anderson the actor who played MacGyver? Being a fan of the television show MacGvyer in the 1980’s I noticed him right away, he stood off to the left at the door.