Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hollywood Says Good-bye to the Greatest Detective Ever – Peter Falk

Long before there was Detective Monk, the television audience was entertained by Lieutenant Columbo solving the who-done-it murder mystery.  Peter Falk brought the character of Columbo to life on the small screen with his rumpled raincoat, old car, his hoarse voice and smoking those cigars. However, it was that notebook that recorded all the details and helped bring the murderer(s) to justice.  With his forgetful memory and constant interrupting Columbo usually irritated the suspects to the point where they confessed just so they wouldn’t have to put up with him anymore.  Columbo was on the air 1971 - 1978 and made a comeback from 1989 – 2003. 

Peter Falk was an award winning actor whose career started on stage and moved to early film and then television. His numerous credits behind his name are an inspiration to many. His later years were claimed by dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.  Falk passed away on June 23, 2011. 

Hollywood was certainly entertained and amazed by this fun loving detective that he could capture audiences for two decades.  Read more here about Peter Falk's brilliant career. 

** Who was your favorite detective in a television series, either past or present?


Ellen Lynn said...

There will never be another show like Columbo. Peter Falk was amazing and I'll never forget the first thing I saw him in: The Prince Bride!

As you wish.