Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Single, Married, Divorced, Dating and Now Single Again – George Clooney Watch Out for Those Girls

Hook, line and sinker! She almost had him walking down the isle. I wonder if George Clooney feels like the human yo-yo?  Up and down again with relationships, this time splitting from his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis of over two years. She still wants to get married but he wants to remain single. Clooney who is now 50 and his girlfriend age 32 will remain friends, but are moving on in their lives. 

Clooney an academy award winning actor might be best known for his role as Dr. Doug Ross a pediatrician in the television drama series E.R.  I have to ask what’s up with remaining single? Is it really that cool to remain single?

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E. Van Lowe said...

I love George Clooney. He is style and class and dignity. He is what Hollywood should be. And his movies are always great. One day he will find someone he can't live without.